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In the tranquil embrace of Napili, where the gentle whispers of the sea kiss the pristine shores, Level Up Concrete Maui brings your architectural dreams to life, crafting spaces that resonate with the serene beauty and the soothing rhythms of this coastal paradise.
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Quality Concrete Services for Napili, Maui

Witness the transformation of your spaces with our innovative color services, blending a palette that harmonizes with Napili’s tranquil beaches and lush greenery, adding a splash of paradise to your homes. Navigate through our aesthetically pleasing driveways, designed not just as pathways but as an invitation to a sanctuary where luxury meets the soothing caresses of sea breezes.

Lay the cornerstone of your haven on our robust house foundations, crafting homes that embody both strength and elegance, echoing the steadfast beauty of Napili's landscapes. Ascend towards aesthetic heavens with our masterfully sculpted stairs, a fusion of artistry and functionality, inviting you to spaces where dreams and reality meld in perfect harmony.

Explore the rustic elegance of our stone works, integrating the natural grace of Napili's terrain into your living spaces, forming a seamless connection with the land's elemental beauty. Choose our premier epoxy services to gift your floors a finish that marries durability with grace, reflecting the shimmering hues of Napili's mesmerizing waters.

Delve into the world of bespoke creations with our custom design services, where we craft unique narratives in concrete, epoxy, and tile, embodying your vision and the tranquil charm of Napili in every nuance.

Our expert grading services form the nucleus of our offerings, laying the groundwork for structures that stand as a testament to quality, integrating seamlessly with the gentle slopes and captivating vistas of Napili, forging homes that stand in harmony with nature.

Level Up Concrete Maui in Napili - Where Your Dreams Meet the Sea’s Whisper and Nature’s Embrace. Begin your journey into a world of beauty and tranquility with us in Napili.

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We Provide High Quality Concrete Services on Maui

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We Offer Quality Concrete Services on Maui

What our customer have to say

A sturdy foundation for our house

Building a solid foundation is crucial, and this team understands it very well. They delivered a robust and sturdy foundation for our house, setting a strong base for our dream home. The project was executed with precision and adherence to safety standards, leaving us confident and secure about the structural integrity of our new home.

Ground was leveled accurately to prevent any future issues

This grading service was instrumental in preparing our site for construction. Brett's team was efficient and skilled, ensuring the ground was leveled accurately to prevent any future issues. Their experience was evident in their systematic approach and technical proficiency. A reliable choice for grading services on Maui!
George Hauffman
General Contractor

Brought our vision to life with their expert concrete coloring service

The Level Up Concrete team brought our vision to life with their expert concrete coloring service. The hues matched our expectations perfectly, creating a harmonious look that enhanced the beauty of our property. They used high-quality materials ensuring the color longevity. A top-notch service we wouldn't hesitate to recommend!
Kelvin Kaimu

Professionalism and skill

We hired Brett's team to renovate our outdoor stairs, and the result was commendable. The team demonstrated professionalism and skill, delivering a set of stairs that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. They provided excellent value for the money, and we are very satisfied with their service.
Joshua Kline

Brett's team did a fantastic job with our garage epoxy flooring

Brett's team did a fantastic job with our garage epoxy flooring. The floor is not only beautiful but also highly durable and resistant to stains. The project was completed swiftly without compromising on quality. Their expertise in handling epoxy materials is clearly evident in the neat finish and vibrant color.

Exceptional craftsmanship and artistry

The craftsmanship and artistry displayed by the team were truly remarkable. They transformed our garden with beautiful stonework that blends perfectly with the surroundings. The attention to detail was meticulous, making the outdoor space more elegant and inviting. Highly recommended for any stonework projects on Maui!

Courteous and kept us informed throughout the process

Our new driveway looks stunning! The team was courteous and kept us informed throughout the process. They provided insightful suggestions that helped us make informed decisions. There were minor delays due to weather conditions, but the end result was worth the wait. Great job!
Raina Kinimaka

Exceptional professionalism and craftsmanship

Level Up Concrete showcased exceptional professionalism and craftsmanship in constructing our new driveway. The quality of the concrete used was top-notch, and the finish was smooth and even. The project was completed on time, and they left our property clean and tidy. We would highly recommend them for anyone looking to upgrade their driveway on Maui.
John Bloomer

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